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When life gives you lemons .... make lemonade -- a newsletter designed to help you cope well with our public health crisis and life in general

– By Pamela Woodroffe, MSW, LICSW, SUDP, MAC, CCTP, Seattle psychotherapis

This issue of Lemonade News is dedicated to recharging in Nature.

As we enter the season of ‘intermittent rain’ forecasts – we know it’s June in Seattle. These days, we’ve gotta jump out of the house the nanosecond the sun peeks out from the clouds and haze, if we’re going to get any of that good old sunshine. Whether it is a jog around the neighborhood, a park walk, tending to the garden, or a trip to county parks – Nature is one of the dependable go-tos for solace and peace.

It’s an understatement to say that the past few weeks have laid bare the inequities of power in our country with heart-breaking clarity, as thousands of people world-wide are clamoring and marching for a better way. I am tentatively encouraged by the collective efforts of marginalized groups and allies to meet and form consensus about how to address inequities. I truly hope there can be some sustainable, practical reforms that emerge from the deepened awareness.

Like many of us, I became habituated to check the internet for updates about the state of my community and world. It’s addicting. But lately, after I emerge from the rabbit hole I ask myself: Is there anything that I read or watched that is helpful, empowering, educational, inspiring? If the answer is no, and I feel drained, it’s time to step away and recharge. To stay scared and angry compromises our immune systems – and keeps us in a fight-flight-freeze mode, and keeps us divided. It’s helpful to calm down, so we can think straight, and more able to devise strategies for living in challenging times. Find action steps you can take that can help the greater good.


Join me in a grassy thicket surrounded by cedar trees, where you can fill yourself up with sunlight and fresh cedar scent and pristine air, grounding your worries into the earth. Emerge feeling ‘full’ of light and peace and strength.


How to walk – etiquette in a pandemic

How to take a walk around the neighborhood when no one can see you smile in greeting under your mask? I’ve taken to nodding or a little bow to acknowledge passersby, or just hoping they can see my eyes twinkle. Here’s an article about the social etiquette on streets, sidewalks and trails:


Want to go camping?

Stay in your county, say new health guidelines

I know we are all weary of being pent up, and it’s tempting to break out and go on trips far and wide as parts of Washington state and the country start to re-open. But recently (June 15) the State of Washington Dept. of Health recommended that if we go camping, to stay within the county where we live. Their article has some helpful suggestions about what to plan for. Please be safe, after all the efforts we’ve collectively made to mitigate our risk, let’s keep finding creative ways to stay healthy.


Talking about racism with kids

Some of you asked for resources about how to talk with kids about racism. Here are some articles that might be helpful for parents.


We’re in stressful times for sure, and I’m happy to be of support. I’m offering confidential teletherapy sessions, and am available for you and your friends and family. Please feel free to contact me. I’m here for you.

Pamela Woodroffe, MSW, LICSW, SUDP, MAC, CCTP, Seattle Psychotherapist

Or phone me at 206.399.2622

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