About my practice

My Approach 

Clients tell me they appreciate my interactive, calm, authentic demeanor. During our time together, I might use storytelling, journaling, creativity, guided visualization, mindfulness practices, recommended readings or films, or reconnecting with Nature. I offer practical tools and practices that I encourage clients to ‘try out’ between sessions.

My Philosophy


Experience has taught me that our traumas and wounds are frequently also the site of our greatest gifts. My role is to draw forth your own wisdom and resilience -- and help you find new strategies to live a more fulfilling and balanced life.

What kinds of problems can therapy help?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and stuck?

    I can help you remove barriers to taking the next steps to wholeness.

Has your life become incongruent with your deepest values?

    I can assist you in discovering and prioritizing what truly matters to you.

Are you struggling to come to terms with a new challenge in your life?

    We can work together to develop resources, support, and new coping tools.

Have you become depleted and lost a sense of creativity and joy?

    I can help you re-design your personal care plan for renewal and vitality.

Is your ‘inner critic’ overriding your wise voice within?

    I can assist you in reconnecting with your wise, heartfelt self.

Do you hesitate to set boundaries and limits with others?

      I can help you strengthen your voice and restore your empowerment.