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Welcome. Seeking a therapist is a brave and healthy step and I applaud your courage. Whether 

you are feeling stressed, stuck, overwhelmed, disconnected, conflicted from within, or yearning to expand your

world -- take heart. I can help.

“Encouraging your inner strength” means I offer supportive, empowerment-focused psychotherapy for clients who would like to access their unique strengths to make positive changes in their lives.


Please contact me to arrange a session. If you like, we can schedule a free 20-minute “meet and greet” to see if my services match what you are seeking. I’d be glad to answer any questions or concerns. I provide mental health therapy to adult clients, and my office is located in north Seattle.


I believe everyone has the inner ability to heal, and there are times those ‘callings’ become more intense. At the time, it can feel as if your life is falling apart. This is when it may be helpful to enlist a compassionate, supportive professional who can provide a safe place to explore and heal.


I offer an integrated mind-emotion-body-spirit approach to therapy. I listen carefully for your deepest values, and how you have made meaning of events in your life. Together we develop a plan with practical steps toward your vision for a vibrant life. Consider for a moment what it might mean to move from surviving – to thriving.

Call me at (206) 399-2622

  • Stress, anxiety, and panic

  • Life transitions – including divorce, parenting, empty nest, retirement

  • Career, workplace stress, financial concerns

  • Medical challenges, including mild traumatic brain injury, chronic illness

  • Loss and grief – including pregnancy loss, infertility, death of loved one

  • Co-dependence

  • Low self-esteem

  • Domestic abuse survivor’s advocacy

  • Caregiver stress

  • Trauma and shock

  • Depression, fatigue, sadness

I offer counseling

services for a

variety of concerns,



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